Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Work of Byron Katie

"The Work" of Byron Katie is one of the most powerful healing/awakening/truth-seeking tools I have found so far on my journey. It is so simple and so profound.

There are quite a few videos of Katie doing "The Work" with people posted on YouTube and also on her website,

And she has written some absolutely incredible books. They completely rocked my world in such a beautiful way. She writes from such a place of love, eloquently describing her experience of completely and fully "loving what is."

My two favorites books of hers are "A Thousand Names for Joy" and "Loving What Is."

Maybe you'll watch a couple of the videos for a taste of what "The Work" is all about, and maybe you'll read one of her books. It might help you question some of those convictions and beliefs you have been walking around holding like they were so precious, when in fact they have been causing you enormous amounts of stress. It might help you to finally know the Truth.

I think you might really love "The Work."

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