Saturday, January 24, 2009

Radical Change

Today I rested all day long. I can't remember the last time I allowed myself the luxury of just laying in bed all day, getting up only to eat and meditate.

I usually feel very introspective around the New Moon, and today I was blessed to be able to really soak in that energy, to sit for hours, just feeling the many textures and sensations and emotions of my Being.

This New Moon is especially potent - I just read about it on Lisa Dale Miller's website, She writes quite a long description - here is a taste of it:

"This is the New Moon for radical change. Aquarius is often thought of as visionary: an energy that looks beyond the norm, questions accepted truths, boldly claims originality, flies in the face of reason, and flatly refuses to blindly follow the dictates of others. And oh, if you are like me, (always ready to dive into Aquarian energy) you will be very happy on this New Moon with the awesome grouping of Jupiter/Sun/Moon/North Node/Chiron/Neptune in utopian Aquarius. Pluto/Mars/Mercury in Capricorn will temper the Aquarian vision-thing with a big dose of Saturnian reality. The good news is that in order to manifest real change, vision and realism are needed in equal measure."

Tomorrow is also the Annular Solar Eclipse
which supercharges the already supercharged New Moon.

I also read Karen Bishop's website regularly, and her latest update coincides so perfectly with this theme of newness and change. She writes:

"Things are arriving for us magically now, but we may not be noticing. Having experienced so much of the denser and darker energies in recent times as so much needed to transmute, we may easily miss this new and magical…..and very subtle….energy of the new reality. It is coming in like a gentle breeze, lovingly embracing us, supporting us, providing special miracles, and letting us know that we can now become accustomed to a new reality that we have always envisioned.

We are each being placed in pockets of great protection now. Any old or unpleasant energies are being removed from our presence. Going to this “other side” or higher dimensional reality involved a few minor adjustments this time, as the major adjustments have already been completed."

Indeed, life continues to unfold, and there are continual signs of hope and change and newness, which are so refreshing to see. Barack Obama was inaugurated just a week before this powerful New Moon in Aquarius, and there is a feeling of renewed hope for our future.

So, this New Moon, feel free to make outrageous requests of the Universe. What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to bring into your life? Think big, now is the time to ask for exactly what you want, for your wildest dreams to manifest into being.

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