Thursday, January 22, 2009


I definitely just want to be around women right now. I am craving femininity so much, and our culture just doesn't produce much of it. There is so much masculine energy - do, achieve, think, push, initiate, act. There is so much conditioning. It's thick, and I can feel it covering my femininity, which is begging to be revealed, to be expressed, to be nurtured.

I want to be around women who share, open, relate, and resonate.

Women who listen, feel, embrace, and accept.

Women who are wise, sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and loving.

Women who are in their bodies and in their hearts.


Christopher Roberts said...

From being around other males most of my life I completely understand. ha ha. It is a lot to be around that much of that type of energy all the time especially with more feminine energy or a more balanced energy. I take my fellows of the same gender is small doses ha ha. Hope to see you soon after the recharge!

Anonymous said...


Blessings to you on your sacred journey of self-discovery. :)

Scott L