Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Am Empowered

Today, more than any other day of my life, I am standing firmly in my power. I accept full responsibility for my power, and am committed to using it for the highest good. I do not give it away to anyone. I do not give it away to anything - not food, not self-defeating behaviors, not ego, not to ANYthing. I am true to mySELF.

Last night I was crying and crying. I was at a fabulous Arthur Lee Land show and I couldn't stop crying because I want to be on a stage, singing my songs. Yes, I was crying and crying, and I knew why. I have been giving my power away to other people, putting myself in support positions when it is my time to have my creations supported by others. It is my time to shine.

Of course we are all interconnected and support each other all the time, but it's time for me to really value what is unique and special about me, and share it with the world. It's time for me to create sustainable streams of income for myself, rather than doing all these odd jobs for so many people.

So last night, and again today I did a ritual of empowerment. Last night it was on the phone with my friend Mark. I told him that we were both going to step into our power on the count of three. We drew invisible lines on the floor, and committed to stepping across that line, into our power, and never going back. I counted down and we both jumped over the line, and were dancing and drumming and screaming and rejoicing.

Then today, I was at a Waking Down sitting and when it was my turn to speak I told them about my commitment to standing firmly in my power. And I took everyone there through a similar ritual. Feel free to do this ritual, wherever you are.

We all spread out so that we would all be able to take giant leaps into our power. We drew our imaginary lines on the ground.

I said, "Close your eyes. Breathe deeply into your heart, into the depths of your being...Feel who you are...Appreciate how unique you are...Know that only you can do the work that you came to Earth to do...Feel how strong you are, how courageous, how powerful..."

I paused and let it sink in, and then continued, "Repeat after me."

"I am powerful."

"I am empowered."

"I accept full responsibility for my power."

"I am cross this line into my power, and I am NEVER going back!!!"


And we screamed and danced and shrieked and yelped wildy!!! Hooray!!! We are empowered, and it feels SO GOOD!!!


Anonymous said...

Erin..what a blessing you are for all who know you. I loved this post. I will step across that line too. I also started my blog tonight and am loving it. I love you!

Christopher Roberts said...

Erin this is great! Stepping into your own power is an amazing thing. YEAH for you! Perfect picture for this too.