Monday, January 26, 2009


"If you're not amazed by how
naive you were yesterday,
you're standing still.

If you're not terrified of the next step,
your eyes are closed.

If you're standing still and your eyes are closed,
you're only dreaming you're awake.

A caged bird in a boundless sky."

-Jed McKenna

Never before has this quote by Jed McKenna rang truer for me. These past few days, weeks, months, years...I feel like I am accelerating faster and faster and faster. Like someone hit fast forward on the DVD player and the button is stuck now, so there is no way to slow it down again. But it's okay because it's intensely exciting, exhilarating, evolutionary...

The lessons I am learning are right in my face, everywhere I look, and the themes and patterns are impossible to miss. Surrender, empowerment, femininity, self-nurturing, balance...and my close women friends echo the same words, lessons, and themes.

It's time now to go through the issues, not around them.

It's time now to feel the emotions fully, and stop trying to avoid them.

It's time now to get into our bodies and do the work on this planet that we came here to do.

It's time now to dismantle the old patterns and burn them in the fire.

It's time now to let go, to relax, and to trust that we are fully supported. We always have been, and always will be.

It's time to make outrageous requests of the Universe, to commit to ourselves 110%, to have complete integrity with ourselves and others, and to be daring and bold.

Now the real fun begins...ready or not, it's time to go further and further and further!!!


Christopher Roberts said...

I love reading your blog Erin. I always end reading with a smile at your inspirational words.

Peace Sister.

Erin Pillman said...

Thank you SO much for your kind words, Chris. Thank you for reading.

Heather said...

damn. You are right. I've been letting the winter soothe me into a hibernative state. :) Thanks for the post.