Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Things About Me

This was a recent "game" going around on Facebook.

If you'd love to share your 25 things, please post them as a comment to this post!!!

Here are my 25 things:

1. There are currently 2275 people in my Microsoft Outlook contacts.
2. I cry often.
3. I feel deeply, and I am learning to appreciate this exquisite gift.
4. I love the beautiful peace lily that I have in my dorm room.
5. I love Facebook.
6. Singing brings me more joy than just about anything else I can think of.
7. I am constantly amazed by both the similarities and eccentricities of people.
8. Traveling is a state of mind for me, and has taught me most of what I know.
9. I prefer to spend most of my time with other women.
10. I experience every day is an epic adventure.
11. Every day, I trust myself a little more fully, and that is one of the most exciting things I can think of.
12. I love writing my blog.
13. I am learning to listen to my heart more and my head less.
14. My heart is tender and sensitive, and I cannot remember a moment in my life when it did not ache.
15. I have had to edit #1 about five times since I started writing this because the number keeps getting bigger.
16. Raw chocolate, avocados, berries, and coconuts, are some of my favorite foods.
17. Practicing Yoga with my teacher Dharma Mittra while eating a 99% raw vegan diet in 2006 in New York City transformed my being more quickly and profoundly than anything else I have done.
18. I yearn for so many things – complete union with the divine, fulfilling livelihood, a sense of purpose, a close circle of women friends, singing in front of large audiences, feeling fully supported and empowered, a deeper connection with Nature, growing my own food, living in a place where I feel that I truly belong, living more simply…
19. I’m constantly alarmed by all the plastic I see everywhere.
20. I wonder if our species will die out because we are acting like such idiots.
21. I don’t know where I want to live, or if I want to be in school next semester (which starts in a week), but I’m only mildly concerned.
22. I am in the process of recording a children’s album with Lynwood King, the dean of my university.
23. I am a certified yoga instructor, but I have not taught yoga in a couple of years.
24. I want to start singing and sharing my own music – be the star of my own show – touch people’s hearts – inspire and uplift audiences – bare my soul on stage.
25. I am really glad that I am me.


Jessie said...

I'm really glad you're you too!

Christopher Roberts said...

1. I have been in this incarnation now for 25 years and 10 days.
2. I am so terrified of heights that just thinking about looking down from tall places makes me seize up.
3. I love chia seed pudding.
4. I would rather have a healthy friendship then a messed up relationship.
5. I don't like being awake during the day.
6. When I was a child children taunted me with the names Christopher Columbus or Christopher Robins ( Whinnie the Pooh ).
7. I write tons of essays and poems that no one has ever seen.
8. I am constantly trying to find ways that I can be more honest with everyone about everything.
9. Raw foods is changing my life.
10. I had a rude awakening at the age of 12.
11. I have never seen the Ocean.
12. I embarrass easy.
13. I take compliments badly.
14. People say that I am to nice often. I don't get it.
15. I have felt the energy in my heart almost explode, it was incredible.
16. I have been incredibly emotional all of my life.
17. I am terrified of not existing.
18. The worst bad habit that I have is that when things get to hard I have to fight the urge to run.
19. I am a Education and Literature major.
20. I almost always have music on. Electronically or in my head.
21. I feel almost no connection to my biological family.
22. The family I have chosen throughout this life has taken care of me so much. I love them.
23. Our society irritates me to no end with how we deal with people.
24. If I won a million dollars I would probably give most of it away.
25. I think I am exactly who I am supposed to be at this point.

Phew that gets hard after a bit. Thanks for sharing your 25 things Erin!

Erin Pillman said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, Chris!!!

Erin Pillman said...

Thanks Jessie :)

Anonymous said...

i love how reflective you are, how you aren't afraid to get in there and go deep! This is where our power lies, yet many are still to afraid to get still and peer inside our own milky way mysteries. lying in bed all day is a GREAT thing, especially in winter time, don't you think we did this during winter time more often too???? hibernation time... we travel into our inner darkness to find magical light pearls...


Erin Pillman said...

Thank you Heidi! I appreciate your appreciation. ;)

I love what you wrote: "This is where our power lies, yet many are still to afraid to get still and peer inside our own milky way mysteries."

I guess that is exactly why we are afraid of it - because it is the source of our power, and our light. And we are afraid at times to take responsibility for how powerful and bright we are. It's sometimes easier to hang out in the Land of Mediocrity. But now is the time for us to dig deep and fully realize our potential! Because there is a LOT of work to be done! ;)

I also love this that you wrote: "We travel into our inner darkness to find magical light pearls."

Yes, going deep within is the way to draw from the dark, deep, still, silent reservoir. I guess another reason this space can be unsettling is because infinite possibility can be a little scary if we think that we have to look at infinite possibility and then "figure out" which of these possibilities is the "right" one for me to choose. But when we enter that space in a surrendered way, knowing that life will live us, there is so much power in that.

mmmmmm, juicy!!!!

Thanks for sharing.