Thursday, January 29, 2009


Bleary eyed uncertainty
In a space of unknowing
Relaxing into infinite possibility
As the wind outside is blowing

Listening, my mind's adrift
Here and there it wanders
Curious about what comes next
Feeling fuzzy, it ponders

A new level of trust is tested
As I lay here wondering what and why
Feeling the void, and opening to it
Allowing a part of me to die

It's clear that something new is emerging
And so I must wait for the dust to settle
Old patterns and habits no longer serve me
And I give up living life as a battle

Decisions make me, and abundance flows
Effortless grace all around me
Watching how easily a flower grows
Just like that, I allow life to live me

No longer a struggle, I finally let go
The reigns are not mine, never were
I give them back and I watch life flow
As I melt into soft, sweet surrender


Heather said...

I think surrendering is something you have to practice. I've definitely gone through phases of life where it's easier and phases where I need to remember it again...

Erin Pillman said...

Yes it's definitely a journey, not a destination. :)

Anonymous said...

erin- you write beautifully. i espeically like your poetry. thanks for this simple, tranquil, well stated reminder -michelle

Anonymous said...

I really feel this as I read...made me sit back in my chair, relax, and made me smile Erin...thanks for being you.