Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Seed of Life

Above is an image of The Seed of Life, which is a symbol of sacred geometry.

It is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which acts as a basic component of the Flower of Life's design.

According to some religious beliefs, the Seed of Life is a symbol depicting the seven days of Creation in which God created life.

I was going through my Facebook friend requests the other day, and I had one from someone named Adam, who I had never met. So I browsed through his profile and clicked on a link, which led me to the incredible, stunning trailer for his new film, Our Seed of Life. I had goosebumps all over as I was watching it.

The site describes the film like this:

"This is a breathtaking, multicultural feature documentary, showcasing ancient mysteries, whose hidden secrets reveal the interconnected wisdom found in all of life, whether perceived through the innocent eyes of the young or through the messenger traditions of old. This film is an epic adventure that will expand your minds and hearts forever!"

And they have a very beautiful:

"Our mission is to co-create conscious heart expanding films that remind us of our unity and unlimited creative potential, as we re-kindle our understanding and rmemberance of our connection to all life everywhere."

I really look forward to seeing this film when it is released, and maybe you will too!

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