Monday, April 27, 2009

Subtle Surrender

Surrender is soft and subtle. True power is too. Illusion & Babylon, Maya & Kali Yuga would have me believe that power is forceful & masculine, pushing & fighting, brut strength & anger.

But I know that my femininity is powerful in a much more righteous way.

I must choose wisely & well.

Impeccable integrity is my foundation, a sturdy place to stand tall & strong, knowing deep peace in my heart because of the goodness that I am, the goodness I create, and the goodness all around me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open Your Arms

Babe, me too. I hear your words, I feel you. I am here, alongside you, knowing deeply what you’re telling me, completely understanding who you are, what you embody, desire, create, & love.

I know you because I am the same.

So open your arms and I’ll melt into your body. Our lives have merged for a divine purpose, and our plans are becoming synchronized, aligned, harmonized.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into your Being – fully surrender to the unity that we are becoming. Our paths crossed just as Spirit choreographed the beginning of our sacred dance together on this Earth.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into all that you are and ever were and ever will be. I accept & love all of this, all of you, and I see that it is also me.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into your light.

I pray that God allows us to walk together for many years, many precious moments of shared bliss & love.

I pray that we may serve one another in the highest, most beautiful, selfless way possible.

I intend to be a strong, loyal, faithful, inspiring, supportive, loving partner for you, full of love and light and standing strong on the foundation of my impeccable integrity.

I Love You.

Beauty Way

I choose the Beauty Way.

I walk in the Light.

I love unconditionally.

I feel pure bliss and delight.

A Love Letter to My Heart

My heart speaks...sings...screams!...with intense emotion, energy in motion..."Listen to me!"

Ok!!! It's Ok...I'm sorry!

I know I spent some years not paying attention, but now I am totally tuned into you, precious heart, center of my Being, and I honor your wisdom. I trust you. I love you.

Thank you for being so patient with me through my ignorance, through the dark days of my life, through all the time I spent living in my head, ignoring you.

Now I know you. I recognize you, and I am listening, feeling, intently aware of you and all that you are.

I am so grateful for you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Soaking, floating, wishing, dreaming

Slightly focused, slowly scheming

Planning travels, manifesting

Sharing stories, integrating

Learning to dance a thousand ways

Together, flowing in harmony

Asking sweetly for the highest & purest

Knowing deeply that I'm so very blessed.

New Moon Intentions

Each action I take, each thought I create, each word I speak, each step I make is a manifestation of my impeccable integrity.

I stand strong in my power, using it well, taking full responsibility for it. I create from the highest & purest intentions. My body is light & strong & lean & thin & beautiful. I nourish & nurture myself with the very best, highest vibrational foods. I embody, know, and speak Truth. I am calm & relaxed, allowing life to unfold effortlessly and I surrender to this unfolding.

Money flows to & through me easily & abundantly.

I know who I Am.

I am light.

I am love.

I am joy.

I am bliss.

I am abundance, grace, and delight.

I am All.

I am grateful for all of this.

Thank you God. I Love You.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

I wrote this piece two years ago on Earth Day, and today I am feeling quite a bit more optimistic about the future of our beautiful planet. But nonetheless, there is a solemn feeling that comes along with it, which this piece embodies. There is still a lot of work to be done and we must come together to create a sustainable future for ourselves on this planet.

A wise old woman, all wrinkled and gray, sits in her rocking chair, reflecting today. She reminisces about the old days and mourns the death of the old ways. Everything is so fast nowadays. It’s hard to relax and enjoy the sun on your face. Everyone’s so caught up in this hectic rat race. She rocks back and forth as she contemplates what to do in her remaining days. Is there any hope for the human race? We’re destroying the Earth because money makes us crazed. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as it pays. This is not how it was in the olden days, when the farmers tilled the land beneath the sun’s fiery rays. And this new phase is even farther from the Native American ways. They respected & honored Mother Earth and the cycles of life as the moon waxes & wanes. How is it that we’ve fallen from Grace, like spoiled children who ignorantly waste? We’ve been given everything we need—the Mother provides, but we’ve given it up because it’s so-called progress we embrace. She furrows her brow as she remembers the taste of the fruit before chemicals were constantly sprayed. She looks down at her table, at the delicate lace, handmade so lovingly at a leisurely pace. And there it still lays, completely unfazed by the complete insanity of these modern days. She realizes she really has nothing to say & she silently prays that her grandchildren may someday see through the haze, to the light and the truth that lies at the base of all of creation. And she closes her eyes. And she passes away.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Artist’s Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with so many creative talents and passions. I love to write, to sing, to dance, and to co-create with You in each moment. My whole life is an art for and I am so grateful for its beauty.

I pray for the courage to live the artist’s path fearlessly and boldly every day. May I fully engage my immense creative power for the highest good of all, taking full responsibility for this power and using it well.

Please deliver me from the temptations that arise that would rather I give my power away to other people and to distractions. Dear God, please give me the strength to walk this artist’s path with impeccable integrity and with grace, wisdom, and humility.

I pray for the clarity to navigate this path in the best way possible, and for receptivity to the flowing abundance that nourishes me in exchange for the creative output that I share with the world.

May I always be aware of my role as an artist, as that of a channel. May I remember that all the beautiful creative expressions come through me, from You.

Please allow me to dance this life with a pure, open, loving heart and a giving Spirit of service. May I know and embody balance, centeredness, groundedness, strength, wisdom, courage, and grace. May I know myself deeply and stand tall & strong on the foundation of my True Self. And may I create from this place of infinite potential, boundless possibility, pure silence, and absolute Truth.

May I embody and express only the highest, the deepest, the purest, and the truest. May I radiate your light and your love in this eternal blessed moment. May I breathe deeply and remember who I truly am as I dance through life with joy in my heart and bliss infusing every cell of my being.

Thank You, I Love You.

Thank You, I Love You.

Thank You, I Love You.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Slaying Demons

Nagging itching spider web of unsure vagueness.
Amorphous mass of energetic grayness.
Slippery slimy feelings that won’t reveal their names.
Shady shadowy shapeshifters with no clear rules to their games.

Begging me to come in closer, but doing everything they can to keep me out.
Filling me with icky feelings of insecurity & doubt.
They move so quickly and are hard to identify.
They run so fast, then run & hide.

I slay these demons with my favorite pen.
The one I fill with ink over & over again.
I analyze, dissect, and feel.
Instead of choosing distracting foods & email.

I sit, I wait, I listen, I observe.
I write it down, I put it in words.
These emotions hold no power over the greatness that is I.
I am the master, the creator of my life.

I wrote this poem last night and it was quite a triumphant moment. I came home feeling very emotional, and with this nagging feeling in my heart and gut. In the past I have sometimes chosen to avoid feeling these kinds of emotions by either turning on my computer or eating food to numb and distract myself. However, last night, I said to myself, "Erin, sit down and feel this. And write about it." And I did, and then I called my sister Jenna to share it with her and it felt SO GOOD!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sweet kisses drip love down my back,

across my shoulders, around my face,

and through my lips.

I feel as if I’m being bathed in honey

as I soak in the warmth of your presence.

Your gentle touch…the way you lovingly kiss my lips, my hands, my neck…the clarity & depth of your blue green eyes…the purity & innocence of the expressions that dance across your angelic face…

your loose blondish curls…

I love this all, and so much more.

My heart feels soft and tender when I see you,

when I think of you, when I dream of you.

So lucky I am to be by your side.

So lucky you are to be by mine.

Respective manifestations of our love for our Selves, we reflect one another

like the still, clear surface waters of

a pristine mountain lake at dawn.

Our love is a palpable force between us,

drawing us together and pulling us deeper.

Deeper into love’s mysterious power

and deeper into ourselves.

We surrender to this love.

We allow it to have its way with us.

It fills us and transforms & heals us

as it moves through our bodies and souls.

And two become One

as we enjoy the unity

of our blissful, laughing hearts.