Monday, April 27, 2009

Subtle Surrender

Surrender is soft and subtle. True power is too. Illusion & Babylon, Maya & Kali Yuga would have me believe that power is forceful & masculine, pushing & fighting, brut strength & anger.

But I know that my femininity is powerful in a much more righteous way.

I must choose wisely & well.

Impeccable integrity is my foundation, a sturdy place to stand tall & strong, knowing deep peace in my heart because of the goodness that I am, the goodness I create, and the goodness all around me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Erin, you know better than "your femininity" certainly. What you feel as subtle IS femininity. You can't possess it. It is true that the femininity from you is particular to you. It is still not yours... it is given to you by the Goddess.

If you really try to possess it, own it, and make it other than a gift to give, you will certainly lose it.

The whole Kali cult thing is womanhood as an egotistical bitch, and YOU KNOW THAT! It is actually less than, infinitely, anything like womanhood... and you know that too.

Your friend