Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

I wrote this piece two years ago on Earth Day, and today I am feeling quite a bit more optimistic about the future of our beautiful planet. But nonetheless, there is a solemn feeling that comes along with it, which this piece embodies. There is still a lot of work to be done and we must come together to create a sustainable future for ourselves on this planet.

A wise old woman, all wrinkled and gray, sits in her rocking chair, reflecting today. She reminisces about the old days and mourns the death of the old ways. Everything is so fast nowadays. It’s hard to relax and enjoy the sun on your face. Everyone’s so caught up in this hectic rat race. She rocks back and forth as she contemplates what to do in her remaining days. Is there any hope for the human race? We’re destroying the Earth because money makes us crazed. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as it pays. This is not how it was in the olden days, when the farmers tilled the land beneath the sun’s fiery rays. And this new phase is even farther from the Native American ways. They respected & honored Mother Earth and the cycles of life as the moon waxes & wanes. How is it that we’ve fallen from Grace, like spoiled children who ignorantly waste? We’ve been given everything we need—the Mother provides, but we’ve given it up because it’s so-called progress we embrace. She furrows her brow as she remembers the taste of the fruit before chemicals were constantly sprayed. She looks down at her table, at the delicate lace, handmade so lovingly at a leisurely pace. And there it still lays, completely unfazed by the complete insanity of these modern days. She realizes she really has nothing to say & she silently prays that her grandchildren may someday see through the haze, to the light and the truth that lies at the base of all of creation. And she closes her eyes. And she passes away.

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