Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open Your Arms

Babe, me too. I hear your words, I feel you. I am here, alongside you, knowing deeply what you’re telling me, completely understanding who you are, what you embody, desire, create, & love.

I know you because I am the same.

So open your arms and I’ll melt into your body. Our lives have merged for a divine purpose, and our plans are becoming synchronized, aligned, harmonized.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into your Being – fully surrender to the unity that we are becoming. Our paths crossed just as Spirit choreographed the beginning of our sacred dance together on this Earth.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into all that you are and ever were and ever will be. I accept & love all of this, all of you, and I see that it is also me.

Open your arms and I’ll melt into your light.

I pray that God allows us to walk together for many years, many precious moments of shared bliss & love.

I pray that we may serve one another in the highest, most beautiful, selfless way possible.

I intend to be a strong, loyal, faithful, inspiring, supportive, loving partner for you, full of love and light and standing strong on the foundation of my impeccable integrity.

I Love You.