Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Sweet Love

You are the sweetest man alive

I feel so lucky here by your side

I look at you and my heart melts

With tenderness & love it fills & swells

Your soft kisses are more precious than rubies

Your loving glances speak right to me

The silences between us are rich with a knowing

That our love is unbreakable & eternally flowing

Together, we’re an unstoppable force

As we walk together, like a river on course

The blessings rain down upon us

In a shower of abundance, so wondrous

We are open & ready to receive & create

The inspiration fills us & we know this is our fate

To be beacons of light in this world of duality

To dream into being a whole new reality

Our music, our beings, our light, and our souls

Are here for a purpose that only God knows

So we pray for the guidance, the grace & clarity

To walk our paths with impeccable integrity

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