Monday, May 25, 2009

If You Were

If you were a leaf drifting down toward me from the heavens, I’d watch you dance on the playful breezes until you’d brush my cheek and I’d take you home with me to keep you safe.

If you were a wildflower, I’d spend hours each day fascinated by your slow growing green body. And I’d bring you water and pour lots of love all over you.

If you were a twinkling star in the night sky, I wouldn’t sleep a wink. I’d stand in the dark, face raised to the heavens, and I’d sing you my passions, my dreams, my heart’s sweetest song.

If you were an open field, I’d lie down amongst your soft grasses. I’d watch them sway in the breeze and feel them tickle my arms, my face, my legs, and the back of my neck. I’d inhale the earthy, sweet scent of your body, enjoying your strong, loving embrace. You’d pull me into you and I’d surrender myself to you.

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