Thursday, December 18, 2008


Asanas, meditation, compassion, and karma
Pranayama, concentration, intention, and dharma

Breathe life, exhale pain
A higher state you will attain

Sit, stand, stretch, flow
Twist, turn, bend, grow

Attain enlightenment
Use your body as a tool

Though this body and this mind
Aren’t actually you

Devote your practice to a higher power
And your soul blooms like a lotus flower

Calm your mind, as your heart leads
Every practice is fresh and new

Sew the right seeds
Then reap the fruit

Do the right deeds
It comes back to you

Imagine a world in which no one’s crying
Then stay right there and never leave

Reality is a projection of your mind
Control of reality you will achieve

Speak only words that are true and kind
Give without expecting to receive

Always finish what you start
And listen carefully to your heart

If you don’t, you’ll never do
All the things you’re able to

Stand tall and strong just like a tree,
While blowing freely in the breeze

Feel the sun upon your face
And live a life that’s full of grace

Search deep inside and you will see
Ultimate reality

All beings everywhere will be happy and free
And eternally blissful you will be

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