Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Glory to You

Dreamy sweet songs, divine grace flowing through. Celebrations of love and the river sings, too. Silly & laughable, playful rejoicing. Synchronistic satires and sunny beach mornings. Sunrise & sunset, and the moments between. Surrender & solitude, oh the ocean, serene. Silvery dove wings that soar up above. Selectively chasing the feelings of love. Embracing the breeze, my arms fully extended. Allowing the breath to be felt in my cells. Vibrantly colorful, blood pulsing & flowing. Alive, I'm alive, and conscious to tell about it! Silky smooth ripples of air brush my skin. Alive, I'm alive, and excited and grateful! Soothing, comforting sand in my toes. My feet feel the warmth, I'm amazed by the goodness. I stand on my mother - she's always beneath me. Her loving support never can or will leave me. Oh glorious morning, arms outstretched to the sun. Salty air smells so invigorating, lively. Rejoice & give thanks. All the glory to You. I humbly bow low to God above, within. All glory to You. All glory to You.

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