Friday, December 12, 2008

My Life is a Story

My life is nothing but a story - I can observe it from the outside to gain perspective.

What is Erin doing right now? She's writing. And what is she feeling? Her heart feels achy and sad, like it always does. Even in the moments of her life when she has glimpsed peace & happiness, the deep, underlying sadness has still been there. But she feels more peaceful than she has in recent days.

She is taken care of and loved by so many people, even if she feels desperately alone & depressed sometimes. Sometimes she feels like giving up, throwing in the towel, calling it a day. Oh, how nice it would be to just disappear, but something tells me that isn't how the story ends.

She must build her strength - find the strength within herself - which no one can do for her. She must overcome all obstacles to become a radiant light for all the world. She must reach her full potential, despite herself, despite her self-sabotaging tendencies.

She must cease to play the victim and assume full responsibility for her life - all of it. She must continue down this path and continue to have many adventures.

She must live to tell the tale.

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