Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mind of God

Time is definitely...flexible, liquid, shape-shifting, malleable, elusive, and it's all created by our perception, so it's anything but absolute.

We experience it linearly, but I think that everything is actually sort of happening at the same time, and in a big circle, or maybe a spiral.

We live in this moment, and time appears as a smooth, uninterrupted progression of these moments. The ones that we remember as having already happened, we label as "the past" and the ones that we imagine will happen we label as "the future."

I remember when I was young, my mom and I were in the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, and I was standing across the room. I remember is so very clearly. I was telling her about what I was learning in school about praying for our deceased ancestors and loved ones. My mom said that we should pray for them because we can help them get to heaven, but I pointed out that if God is omniscient, then He must know all of the prayers that we are ever going to pray, so we can actually pray for them while they were still alive, even though they are now dead. My mom said she had never thought about it quite like that.

I liked the way this concept was sort of mystical and mysterious, and I liked the way it made my brain feel, like maybe more was possible than I had previously imagined, like things here a little more flexible and magical than they appeared at first glance.

Back then, the Mind of God was something that I considered inaccessible and very far away. Now I consider the Mind of God to be my infinite potential, which I am always moving toward, in a very intimate way, because it is actually my birthright.

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