Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Convergence of Paradigms

There are two parts of me that are begging to be acknowledged. I am realizing that they both have something valuable to offer me. Some combination of these two paradigms will be the most supportive, productive, and beneficial place for me to exist. I think it's time I sit down and really listen to what they each have to say.

I will call them The Traditional Paradigm and The Intuitive Paradigm for the sake of this discussion.

The Traditional Paradigm is found mostly in the left hemisphere of my brain. This is where I grew up. My parents, especially my dad, live in this paradigm. This paradigm has the following to say:

Be responsible!

Use my brain!
Make a plan!
Weigh the pros and cons!

Think rationally and logically!

Be reasonable!

Get a job!

Live within my means!

Do, do, do!

Work hard!


Trust my logical mind.

Be practical.

The Intuitive Paradigm is found mostly in the right hemisphere of my brain and is much more interested in emotions, art, and bliss. During the past few years, I have been experimenting with living more here, and less in The Traditional Paradigm. The Intuitive Paradigm says this:

Follow my intuition, my gut, my heart, my bliss!

Go with the flow!

Make decisions based on how I feel!



Take good care of myself.





Express myself.

Feel deeply.

Speak my truth.

Be true to myself, no matter what.

Never sell out.

Trust God.
Listen to the Universe.


Set intentions.

Act boldly.

Take risks.

Trust in the magic of the Universe and the support of Nature.

I hope that they can compromise, so that I can create a wonderful new paradigm for myself where I can be happy and thrive!!!

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