Saturday, June 27, 2009

A True Fairytale

I wrote this during my Woman Within weekend, which I whole heartedly recommend for any and every woman.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was the most powerful woman in all the land. But she was locked in a cage of fear.

She felt sometimes resigned, apathetic, and victimized. And when she felt like this she would sulk in her cage and give up hope.

And at other times she would feel a lot of anger & passion and she would stand up and rattle the bars, screaming in a rage for someone to let her out. She had some very beautiful work to do in the world that she could not do from within the cage. She was on the Earth to shed & spread light, and she had a burning fire in her belly to fulfill the purpose of her life.

And one day, a very beautiful, amazing, powerful thing happened. She became aware that the cage was made of the fear that her mind had created. She knew then that her cage was only a thought. A strong thought that had been reinforced over & over through time by her parents, herself, and others around her as well.

And she knew that she could unthink the cage by using positive affirmations to make it disappear. She knew it was her responsibility to create the reality that she wanted.

At first this realization & awareness felt exciting & liberating. But soon a new fear set in – a fear of taking responsibility for this ability & power. And so she continued to vacillate between resignation & rage, between feeling victimized and attempting to control everything around her in a way that did not allow any room for God’s will.

And then one day she snapped. Like a sudden popping, like a kernel of popping corn that has reached the temperature threshold that it needs to reach in order to blossom into a delicious piece of fluffy popcorn, she popped.

She, in that instant, decided that it was time, from that moment on, to live fully in her power. To take full responsibility for it and to use it well. The heating process, the process of talking, writing, and contemplating about all of this, is not to be disregarded. This was an important part of her journey and needs to be acknowledged.

But in the moment in which she “popped” she left this process in the past and stepped fully, boldly, courageously, strongly, radiantly into a brand new reality.

She became a queen – Queen Erin. She became a fully empowered adult woman. She began a beautiful new chapter of her life. She emerged as a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon, smiling brilliantly, seeing the world with its new eyes, as if for the first time.

And in this moment, eyes welled up with tears of gratitude & bliss, awe & wonder at the magic of the Universe, this transformed Queen Erin began to shine her light in the way she knew she had come to the Earth to do. She sang, she danced, she wrote, she celebrated the goodness of it all, fully inspired.

And this happiness, this light, rippled out to all the world.

And it was good.

The End.

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