Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three Months

"Three months, and I couldn't be happier,"
You recently said to me
"Three months, and I couldn't be happier,"
I couldn't more fully agree

These three months have been for me
The happiest of my life
The gods have smiled & it's clear to me
That it's all divinely aligned

Three bright months of smiling more
Than I ever have before
Three beautiful months of loving you
More & more & more

Three full months of thanking God
And my lucky stars above
Three wonderful months of glowing
‘Cause I've met my one true Love

I look at you and I know in my heart
That you're the one for me
This deep inner knowing feels so inspiring
With you, I’m finally set free

When we’re together, I truly feel

There’s nothing we can’t do

We’ll scale the heights of Everest’s peaks

And play shows at Bonnaroo

Together we'll explore every continent
On this blessed Planet Earth
We'll travel to mystical, magical lands
And the deep inner world we’ll traverse

Hand in hand, we'll spread our light
And do the work we're here to do
You are my partner, my love, and best friend
And my truest love I pledge to you

My intention is to treat you gently
Like the fine crystal china that you are
I acknowledge your greatness and see your bright light
And I know together we'll go high and far

I love you truly, deeply, completely
I love you more than I knew I could
Your heart is a precious & radiant diamond
And I want for it always the highest Good

I promise to love you the best that I can
I give myself to you ~ You are my man
I give you my word to always be true
To myself and to God and to sweet, sweet YOU.

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