Friday, June 26, 2009


I make fully empowered choices at all times.

I have a healthy, balanced, nourishing relationship with my food, my emotions, my mind, my inner Self, all of the people in my life, etc.

I take full responsibility for my power and use it well.

I surrender to God’s will, allowing life to live me, living in the flow.

I have clarity in all situations – proper perspective on my life.

I am confident & certain about my nature as a child of God, a divine being capable of creating & manifesting whatever I want to with my intentions.

I honor my nature.

I nurture & nourish all levels of myself at all times.

I am in balance.

I have just enough on my plate at all times – not too much & not too little.

I am supported fully.

I take excellent care of myself.

Nature supports me to manifest my desires.

I am authentic.

I am grateful for all of my many blessings.

I experience life as an effortless, graceful unfolding.

I experience deep peace.

I trust myself & my intuition.

I breathe deeply.

I feel my emotions deeply, fully, courageously.

I am relaxed & at ease.

I honor my artist and prioritize the time to sing, to dance, to write music/poetry/etc, to play, to explore, to adventure, to relax and enjoy.

I trust that all is right & well in the Universe.

I am constantly aware that I am more than my body, mind, and emotions.

I observe them with equanimity.

I am well-rested & clear-minded.

I am healthy, wealthy, blissful, abundant, wise, happy, joyful.

I am expressing myself in fulfilling & beautiful ways.

I have a solid home base and travel as much as I want from there.

I am financially abundant.

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