Friday, November 7, 2008

Grandma Elly Raspberry Jelly

Grandma Elly Raspberry Jelly

Here I sit in Grandma's apartment

Watching her read the news

She's so adorable sitting in her chair

In her white little tennis shoes

Oh how sad we'll be when she leaves

We'll miss her stories and how funny she is

But she will be finally out of her pain

And we will surely be glad for this

We love her so dearly

We love her so much

We'll miss her hugs

And her gentle touch

Her sassy ways

And her silliness

Her contagious laugh

And straightforwardness

She knows what she wants

And she knows how to get it

A determined woman

She does not quit

Strong and independent

Her will is like steel

She doesn't give up

'Til she's sealed the deal

Persistent and diligent

Witty and sharp, too

You'd better be careful

She's nobody's fool

So don't try to trick her

Anything but that

Or she'll see through your bullshit

In two seconds flat

And don't try to fool her

This lady is tough

She'll know what you're up to

She's been through enough

She's a hard worker

Finishing what she's begun

A devoted, loving mother

Doing what needs to be done

A steadfast servant

Of God above

In Him she trusts

And Him she loves

We love this woman

Who we call Elly

She's one of a kind

Like her raspberry jelly

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