Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today I finished reading "The Gift of Change" by Marianne Williamson, and I am grateful to her for reminding me of the importance of asking for divine guidance and grace. This is different than what I have been practicing for the past few years, which has been more of an intention-setting practice. And this practice has been far from regular. A list of new moon intentions here and there, but nothing consistent. And we all know that consistency is the key.

I have had a sneaking suspicion for quite some time that it was not quite so simple as to think that I could just list what I want on a piece of paper, and expect to receive it. Even if this list was accompanied by visualizations and strong emotions. Because how could I expect (with my limited view, as opposed to the omniscience of God) to know what was best for me? Who am I to think I know what I need? Is it really in my by best interest to "manifest" one million dollars by the end of the month? Or would it just spoil me and keep me from doing some higher work that I have been born here on Earth to do?

don't know. Or purport to know. However, God does. And so it seems like it might be more beneficial to ask God to give me the courage, strength, clarity, and wisdom that I need to navigate through life in the best way possible, for the Highest Good of all.

I intend from this day forward that I am in constant communication with God. No more calling on the Divine only in challenging times, when I am desperate need of help. From now on, I keep my mind on God as much as I possibly can. I remember that I am God's child and nothing that I do can change that.

I take responsibility for my mistakes, I ask for forgiveness, and I receive it. When I find myself in a state of judgment, I ask God to help me forgive myself, and anyone else who I am judging.

I bring the Love of God everywhere I go, and in doing so, I bless all things.

I kneel and kiss the ground daily.

I give thanks for my unending list of blessings. I pay more attention to the things that I have previously taken for granted, and I feel profound gratitude for it all.

I pray to be a flowing channel of God's grace, constantly remembering that the glory is God's.

May I be used in service to the Highest Good, to God's divine plan. May I surrender to this higher purpose, and be guided to the work that I am here to do.

I am open, I am ready. God, please show me the way.

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KimS said...

Hey Erin,
I just found your blog.

Its beautiful! Thank you for sharing all that you do, keep passing the love along.
Peace and love xx