Monday, August 4, 2008

I Want To Tell Your Story

If everything was just pure joy & delight

I might not be quite so driven to write

It’s sometimes the pain that’s most inspiring

Although it’s uncomfortable, draining and tiring

And writing can turn pain into pleasure

Sorry to joy, and rubbish to treasure

It reminds me I’m not the doer, I’m a channel

As the poem writes me, I feel emptiful

Spirit expresses itself in so many ways

Filling the world with divine love & grace

I feel my heart fill with humble praise

And it shines a light through the murky haze

Desire, the fire of passion burns bright

My soul is blazing and longs to take flight

The heavens are calling me home to the Source

Such a powerful, magnetic, invisible force

I sob with the longing to finally go home

And all I can do is write this poem

Or sing about it in a song

Oh, how I want to return to where I belong

There must be a purpose for this existence

And yet, I still feel so much resistance

I feel like an angel who’s fallen to Earth

And entered the world through a human birth

There must be something for me to do here

Now if only the purpose were a bit more clear

Life would be so much more bearable

Instead of seeming so pointless and terrible

So I continue diligently on my path

Unwavering faith my dependable map

I pray & I pray to my Beloved Lord

Give me the strength to keep moving forward

Show me a sign so I know I’m okay

And let me know that You listen when I pray

Take me in Your infinite loving arms

So that I’m safe from the world’s harms

Comfort me when I feel so much pain

Shelter me & keep me dry when it rains

I’m your humble servant—just show me what to do

I lay down my life on the sacred altar before You

I praise You & bow to You now and forever

Your name is on my lips & heart in my every endeavor

So do what You will with me—use me for your glory

Fill me with your love & grace so I can tell your story


DeborahDelDebbio said...


Your poem describes my experience so intimately. I too, love to write and sing and express....I transcend through this. It brings me to my Being and to bliss. It alters everything..So great to meet a kindred spirit. The surrender resonated with me so dearly. You are reminding me of who I am ARE telling God's story...thanks God for working through Erin. And thanks to my soul for manifesting this reminder of who I I see myself in her.

Infinite Blessings,

ps. My sign is we are next door neighbors!

Ajuwah said...


I love this peace/piece that you have written. I have said so many of these same things to myself.

Know that you are not alone. WE are not alone. We are legion.

I'm resolved to the fact that our purpose on this planet at this time is to hold the frequency and the vision of peace. As Brian Piergrossi said in his powerful poem that you posted, we are secret agents, undercover, doing our work in the Earth.

I've read before that the longing we feel to 'go home' is so that we become strongly connected to Spirit, always calling out to God/Source, always yearning to be reconnected, always seeking re assurance that our prayers are heard and that we are not alone.

Many years ago, my Buddhist teacher told us the story of Boddhisatvas. He said...Once upon a time in the infinite past, we were all successfully completing our turn at the wheel of life. We were coming home and just as we were about to enter that place of peace, just as we were about to accept our reward for a job well done, we looked over our shoulder. We took one more look back at Earth, and saw many still suffering, lost in darkness, fear and manipulation. And we said, 'what about them'. So, my teacher said, we decided to put off entering Nirvana so that we could return to earth to help the masses. We promised to come back at this time to help raise the consciousness of the planet, to help in this birthing of the New Earth. My teacher said at that time, we put on masks so we could play the game, pretending we don't recognize each other. Pretending we are all alone here.

Once we've accomplised the mission of raising the vibratory rate of this planet, we can all go home again.

In the meantime...

Hello, my sistah, my kindred spirit!! So nice to meet you...Again.

Oceans of Peace, Waves of Bliss,