Saturday, February 4, 2012


The quickening that is happening right now is continually becoming even more speedy as we zip through the halls of space and time.

I have been feeling this more and more, and have often joked with my dear friend Jenna that the word “intense” has all but lost its meaning, and that we need a new word to more accurately describe what we are experiencing these days. (“Intensosity” perhaps?)

And I am noticing that many of the desires that I have held in my heart with such longing for years and years are now finally beginning to sprout. It’s incredible. AND completely overwhelming.

Through the years I have learned how to take better and better care of myself, how to love myself inside and out, and how to move through the more turbulent times with a greater sense of ease and grace. And these practices have evolved through the years as I have, and now I find myself in a brand new territory, where much of what I have done in the past no longer works the way that it used to.

I am not used to being so overwhelmed with GOODNESS, with the soul food for which I have prayed and prayed. And I am SO grateful for all of it, and still learning how to take it all in in a way that allows me to integrate and assimilate the full spectrum of nutrients that are being fed to me on a silver platter by Goddess herself.

How many nights have I lay in bed wishing, wishing, wishing on the moon and stars that I could be surrounded by the community of loving, supportive friends that I knew were out there for me somewhere? How many times have I prayed for a life in which I was living full, full days, enjoying to the fullest, living life as the celebration that I knew it could be? And how many times have I cried and cried, longing for more clarity and direction around my purpose?

And suddenly these desires are crystalizing into reality right before my eyes. I now live in a community in which I could easily spend all day every day having phenomenal, mind-blowingly beautiful conversations that facilitate my evolution through their profound insights and sharing of experiences. I have so many options that lie before me each and every day that I feel scattered, torn, overwhelmed by the goodness. And lately the light of clarity is shining so brightly on some very beautiful ideas that I will surely bring to fruition through time, plenty of water, and tender loving care.

I have prayed for abundance, and now it is pouring in, literally flooding my life with its generosity and blessings. And all of this brings a new set of challenges to move through. “Ask and you shall receive.” And now it’s time to really learn how to allow myself to receive this cascading waterfall of goodness that is upon me.

I promise that I’m not complaining, only processing. I’m learning a new way of being because each day feels so profoundly different than the day before, and the only way to navigate gracefully is to live fully in my heart space. Love is the way now. Logic and the mind can no longer serve as reliable navigational tools in the way that they one did.

So I pray for grace, as always. I pray for ease and surrender. I pray for impeccable discernment, and that I may digest and assimilate the amazingness that is here in my life now. And I know that as I more and more fully master this new way of being, that I will be given more and more to work with, to master, and to enjoy.

Much gratitude fills my heart as I write this post tonight. Thank you for reading, and thank you for being.

All love to you.


mnmlstseeker said...

I'm so happy to hear how wonderful you are doing! Thanks so much for sharing your journey; it's a beautiful testament to this extraordinary life and an inspiration to continue seeking it out.

Erin Pillman said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful words of appreciation!!! Much Love and Many Blessings to You!!! :) :) :)

Kanhaiya Jha said...

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Kanhaiya Jha said...

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Kanhaiya Jha said...

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