Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hundreds Protest Global Warming

This is so silly and cute, and yet it does make a significant statement. There is a lot of debate right now about whether or not it's true that carbon emissions are causing global temperatures to fluctuate. To me, this is nothing but a distraction from the truth of what is really happening. As long as we stay caught up in the nit picking little details of these scientific studies and debates, we can lie to ourselves about what we are doing to our planet. But if we really take a long, hard look at the global situation, there is no way to deceive ourselves into thinking that there is any possibility that we can continue to act as we have been acting and survive as a species.

We are destroying the forests which give us the plant species that we need to eat and the oxygen that we need to breathe. We are filling our landfills at an alarming rate. And because modern landfills are lined on the bottom with clay and plastic to keep waste from escaping into the soil and are covered daily with a layer of earth to reduce odor, the garbage within receives little air, water, or sunlight. This means that even things like paper and food scraps, are more likely to mummify than decompose.

For the most part, I have stepped out of fear about all of this because I have come to realize that the Earth will be fine. She will heal Herself and continue on, with or without human beings. I do feel pretty sad though sometimes because I really would like to see humanity triumph in the end, overcoming our dark sides and stepping into a place of empowerment, healing, and light.

We, as a human speices, are acting like parasites on the generous and loving Mother who both gave us life and sustains our lives by nourishing us with everything we need. And at this moment in history we are deciding with our choices and actions whether or not we wish to continue living here. Either way, the Universe just keeps on going, growing, evolving, creating, and destroying. With, or without us.

It's interesting to be part of the human race at this fork in the road. I am curious to find out which road we will choose. We have free will, so it's completely up to us. And it's not up to one of us or a few of us because we are all in this together.

And we must choose soon because in order to take the path in which we choose to sustain our lives here, we must take action NOW. If we truly want to survive, then we must actually make our survival a top priority and stop bickering over the details, stop killing one another for resources, stop acting like wasteful, selfish, spoiled children who just take and take and take without thinking of the consequences, and actually get to work.

Truly, our survivial depends on us.

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