Monday, October 20, 2008

Back on "Raw"

Today is a very exciting day because it is my first day of being back on a raw food diet, something that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile.

Thanks to my dear friend Sarah's suggestion, and some inspiration from our "raw" friends Puki and Schuylar, we are doing a "30 day raw food challenge" to see how great we feel, and hopefully keep going after the 30 days are over!

I have done raw food diets before - once for about 9 months when I lived in NYC, and once for 6 weeks when I lived in New Mexico. I had really wonderful experiences both times, although it was sometimes challenging to find the balance.

When I was in NYC, I was a "raw food fundamentalist" and was constantly evangelizing, because I truly believed that everyone should be a raw foodist for optimal health! I was even in a "raw food cult" of sorts! Once I realized what I had been doing, at first I was angry and ashamed that I could have been so gullible to have believed that this is the only beneficial diet for every human being on the planet. But now I look back on it and grin. I had a great time, ate amazing food, and learned a lot about myself! And best of all, I will hopefully never be a fundamentalist about anything ever again! And I can empathize with people who do have fundamental beliefs about various things - certain diets, ways of life, and spiritual paths, like Transcendental Meditation and Christianity.

So...a new chapter begins today in the life of Erin. I am eating mostly raw, even though it means that I have to buy a lot of my own food while I am on a $1600 a semester meal plan at MUM. I am investing in my health. I am finding the balance - eating cooked foods when it seems appropriate when in certain social situations, and listening to my most inner Self to find out what is the most nourishing for ME!

Life is SO good!!!

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New Horizons! said...

the nourishment journey is so extraordinary!
we are blessed to have choices.. xox